Little Ocean


Little Ocean

Little Ocean is a fine-dining seafood restaurant established in 2022 and located in Meraki Complex in Heliopolis, Cairo.

The restaurant is established with an entity for hospitality and providing food and beverage services, and the guest expectations and dreams became one of our most important priorities, and our main concern became to make those dreams and expectations come true.

And by the time and facing many challenges, the determination increased and we worked hard and full of conscious management with strategy. The dream began to grow until the presence of (Little Ocean) in which we hope to create the level of dreams and expectations by making our guests spend a different experience and we strive for excellence in all what we offer and do and taking care of the minor details.


Thus, a visit to (Little Ocean) becomes a different experience and a dream that our guests will always wish to try with us, and even seek to repeat until it becomes a reality and not just a beautiful memory!

Little Ocean


Provide a one-of-a kind experience that energizes everyone with an enthusiastic welcome, exceptional service, awesome food, killer tunes and unforgettable time.

Little Ocean


  • To be considered as the pioneers of the Era.
  • To offer a sophisticated and unique experience of fine dining.
  • Produce a refreshing and district ambience.
  • Food of the best quality prepared with rich ingredients and presented in distinctive and attractive ways.
  • Delight our customer with healthy, quality and delicious food.
  • Create long-term relationships with our business partners.
  • Enhance our employee’s performance.
  • Contribute to the society with initiatives that align with our Corporate Social Responsibility program.
  • Help the growth of tourism in our country.
  • Inspire loyalty in both our guests and in our staff.

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