About Us

About Us

Luxury Food

Luxury Food company is a local company established in 2022 and specialized in the food and beverage industry and supplies in Africa and Middle East.
The company aims to establish and operate a range of nutrition projects such as Food products, restaurants and cafes that satisfies the needs of the health conscious with strong specialties.
We understand food and the key messages that resonate with your target market both domestically and internationally. We are right on top of food trends and where they are heading. This puts us in the best position to ensure your visual content is relevant and speaks to your customers.

Mission & Vision


Create best customer experience in all of our projects and provide high quality food and beverages.
In a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and offer professional, hygienic, and attentive service to impart value for money.


Work with main focus to be considered as the pioneers of the Era and promote our brands in the region by providing top quality products and services to all our customers, in addition to growth of our own People and Partners.


Our Values